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University Park Campus School

Public, Urban
Grades 7-12
Worcester, MA
  • Student Voice

    Developing Agency With Student-Led Conferences

    When students lead meetings with their parents and teachers, they gain a voice in their education and develop skills like goal-setting and metacognition.
  • Resilience and Grit

    Controlled Failure: Helping Kids Navigate Back to Success

    University Park Campus School encourages students to take risks and, if they fail, helps them take responsibility for their own learning and success.
    Kaitlin Kelley
  • Literacy

    60-Second Strategy: 7-Minute Writes

    Looking for a simple way to get your students writing? Try a low-stakes timed exercise.
  • Teaching Strategies

    7 Reflection Tips for Assessment, Empowerment, and Self-Awareness

    How to model and guide students toward a more reflective approach to their projects, grades, actions, and reactions.
  • Collaborative Learning

    Using Collaborative Learning to Build Student Agency

    Making group work not just helpful but necessary fosters student-led learning.
  • Literacy

    Low-Stakes Writing and Critical Thinking

    Fostering a culture of risk taking and critical thinking with low-stakes writing in every subject.
  • Resilience and Grit

    High Expectations: Changing Kids' Self-Image

    Help your students develop a growth mindset through fostering student agency and active learning, student-led meetings, low-stakes writing assignments, team problem solving, and honest reflection.
  • Teacher Collaboration

    Solving Student Problems as a Community

    Using weekly staff meetings and peer mediation to address conflicts and other student issues.
  • Student Voice

    Promoting Student Agency in Learning

    See what can happen when students lead meetings about their own academic progress.
  • Collaborative Learning

    Teaching Group Work: Building Student Collaboration and Agency

    At University Park Campus School, students learn through group work that they have something to contribute.
  • Literacy

    Low-Stakes Writing: Writing to Learn, Not Learning to Write

    University Park Campus School uses low-stakes writing to scaffold instruction, develop student voice, and foster critical thinkers.
  • Teacher Collaboration

    Team Problem Solving: Paving the Path to Success for Every Student

    By creating a culture committed to problem solving, University Park Campus School tackles student need early and effectively.
  • Student Voice

    Student-Led Meetings: Empowering Student Voice

    Students at University Park Campus School grow into their power and potential through student-led meetings.