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Trinidad Garza Early College High School

Public, Urban
Grades 9-12
Dallas, TX
  • Education Equity

    How I Broke the Cycle of Poverty

    Trinidad Garza Early College High School helped Carlos Nava define and reinforce his personal narrative outside of the confines of society.
    Carlos Nava
  • Education Equity

    The Deficit Model Is Harming Your Students

    Raise your underserved students' expectations by raising your own, and create a series of reachable, data-based goals, scaffolding your instruction and mitigating their fear of failure.
  • Advisory

    The Counselor's Role: Scaffolded Support In and Outside of the Classroom

    Embedded in study halls, Trinidad Garza Early College High School counselors support their students to succeed through scaffolded academic and social-emotional supports.
  • Student Voice

    Improving Teaching With Expert Feedback—From Students

    Teachers can improve their practice by giving students a voice in the classroom.
  • College Readiness

    6 Strategies to Make Your Students College Ready

    Trinidad Garza Early College High School uses six key instructional strategies to prepare students for higher education.
  • College Readiness

    College Prep From 9th Grade On

    One path to getting young people ready to be first-generation college students.
  • Student Voice

    Student Surveys: Using Student Voice to Improve Teaching and Learning

    When teachers survey their classes at Trinidad Garza Early College High School, students see how their opinions matter and have a direct impact on instruction.
  • College Readiness

    Early College Model: Giving Students College Access in High School

    At Trinidad Garza Early College High School, students can earn a free Associate’s degree. Last year, almost 50% of their graduating class did just that.

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