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The Springfield Renaissance School

Public, Urban
Grades 6-12
Springfield, MA
School Climate

Building a School Like a Tight-Knit Family

At Springfield Renaissance School in Massachusetts, strong bonds between teachers and students drive academic success.

Chelsea Sheasley
  • Communication Skills

    How to Set the Stage for Challenging Classroom Discussions

    Creating a safer space for students to engage with controversial topics starts with shared norms like “assume best intentions” and “show respect and courage.”
  • Inquiry-Based Learning

    Putting Students in Charge of Their Learning Journey

    By leaving space in their lessons for authentic curiosity to take hold, teachers can enable deeper learning.
  • Communication Skills

    Scaffolding Discussion Skills With a Socratic Circle

    Students deepen their understanding and build a sense of community by engaging with their peers’ reasoned arguments.
  • Advisory

    Supporting Personalized Learning Through Advisory

    Daily meetings with a consistent "crew" build strong relationships that help students thrive socially, emotionally, and academically.
  • Communication Skills

    Building Perspective Through Meaningful Discussion

    When they don’t shy away from talking about tough topics, students and teachers gain a deeper understanding of important issues—and each other.
  • Character Education

    Bolstering Academic Rigor With Character Development

    A schoolwide focus on cultivating traits like self-discipline, courage, and perseverance helps students meet high expectations.
  • Communication Skills

    60-Second Strategy: SLANT Listening

    A simple strategy encourages students to give their full attention when listening to others.

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