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Latta Elementary School

Public, Rural
Grades pre-K to 4
Latta, SC
School Leadership

A Public School Makes the Case for ‘Montessori for All’

A Title I public school in rural South Carolina is proving that Montessori education can work well anywhere.

Nora Fleming
  • Math

    From Concrete to Abstract—The Montessori Math Approach

    At an elementary school in South Carolina, tactile materials, color coding, and vocabulary changes help students grasp high-level math concepts.
  • Learning Environments

    A Child-First Approach to Classroom Design

    From the layout to the color scheme, every component of the Montessori classroom design is intentional.
  • School Leadership

    A Public School Transitions to Montessori

    In rural South Carolina, a Title I school makes the leap to become a Montessori school.

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