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Schools That Work

Kettle Moraine High School

Public, Suburban
Grades 9-12
Wales, WI
Learning Environments

A ‘University’ Model for High School

In small-town Wisconsin, four schools cluster on one campus, fostering a culture of experimentation and self-directed learning for both students and teachers.

Nora Fleming
  • Professional Development

    Teachers Learning From Each Other

    Educators can provide valuable professional development by opening up their classrooms to their peers.
  • Professional Development

    Using Video for Professional Development

    When teachers film themselves in the classroom, it helps them reflect on and improve their teaching practice.
  • Assessment

    Demonstrations of Learning

    Competency-based education personalizes how students show mastery by giving them choice in how they’re assessed.
  • Communication Skills

    60-Second Strategy: Discussion Mapping

    Following discussions with a quick reflection exercise helps students sharpen their speaking and listening skills.