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Humboldt Elementary

Grades K-6 | Dewey-Humboldt, AZ

Meeting Every Child Where They Are

Humboldt Elementary utilizes data to drive almost every element of their instructional practices, including differentiation, intervention, and parent engagement. By maintaining a clear picture of where each child stands, Humboldt is able to tailor an individualized learning plan for every student they serve.
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What This School Is Achieving

Mom and son reading at home

Positioned in Dewey-Humboldt, a small town with a rich mining history, Humboldt Elementary used to be known as the "little school down the hill." Fifteen years ago, expectations for its students were low, and it was a fraction of a point from being labeled "under-performing" by the state of Arizona. New leadership and a data-driven approach have led to a dramatic turnaround and national accolades for their successes.

  • 2010 National Blue Ribbon School
  • 2013 Title I Distinguished School
  • Outperformed the state on all standardized tests since at least 2010
Mom and son reading at home

How They Do It

Small Group Work With "I Choose"

Small Group Work With "I Choose"

When teachers began asking for time to work with students in small groups, Humboldt Elementary found the time for them.

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Sharing Data to Create Stronger Parent Partnerships

Sharing Data to Create Stronger Parent Partnerships

By sending home detailed data reports that focus on a specific skill, Humboldt opens a two-way line of communication with parents about their child's learning.

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Teacher pointing to a wall of color coded cards

Making Student Data Part of the Conversation

Humboldt Elementary, a school once on the verge of being labeled under-performing, turned to data to move the bar on student success.

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Cindy Wiste's picture

Dewey/Humboldt a mining town?? Really. Did the writer physically GO and stay?? That mischaracterization immediately paints a picture that is not true. Don't misunderstand. I have loved ones IN mining towns in AZ. My nieces attended d/h schools. AND that is not a mining town.

Megan Garner's picture
Megan Garner
Field Producer for Edutopia

Hi Cindy,

I actually did spend quite a bit of time in Dewey-Humboldt, and was referring to the town's rich mining history, but you're right that the sentence didn't convey that very well. We're corrected the text to reflect that. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

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