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Hood River Middle School

Public, Rural
Grades 6-8
Hood River, OR
  • Teacher Collaboration

    Collaborative Planning: Integrating Curricula Across Subjects

    Hood River Middle School collaborates on projects across subjects to make learning relevant, connected, and engaging.
  • Teacher Collaboration

    Connecting Student Learning Across Subjects

    When teachers collaborate on projects across subjects, they can drive engagement in all of their classes.
    Emelina Minero
  • Alternative Scheduling

    Period 6: Ensuring Enrichment and Intervention

    Hood River Middle School shares its seven-step model for including student-interest enrichment courses and intervention support within the regular school day.
  • Environmental Education

    5 Benefits of Outdoor Education

    An outdoor education program builds community and culture, raises expectations and standards, increases connection between students, and develops positive associations around school and the outdoors.
  • Place-Based Learning

    Place-Based Learning: A Multifaceted Approach

    Connecting learning to students’ surroundings—the buildings, the landscape—covers content goals and builds community pride.
  • Community Partnerships

    Bringing the Community Into the Classroom

    Experts abound in every community, and these engineers, chefs, etc. can be an authentic audience for student work.
  • Environmental Education

    The Permaculture Classroom: A Systems-Based Approach

    Permaculture is ideal for teaching ecology, yet also works as a classroom design system that fosters empathy, inspires advocacy, and increases productivity within your school's existing standards and framework.
  • Place-Based Learning

    A Student's Perspective on Place-Based Learning

    "All I needed during middle school was to feel a part of something, and connecting to my community brought me that." -- Grace Whitmore, Hood River Middle School alumna
  • Community Partnerships

    Hood River Middle School: A Resource for Hood River County

    Turn your school into a community hub by making your facilities publicly available, letting your community know about it, and creating partnerships with those who rent your school spaces.
  • Community Partnerships

    Community Partners: Making Student Learning Relevant

    At Hood River Middle School, local experts make student learning come to life.
  • Place-Based Learning

    Place-Based Learning: Connecting Kids to Their Community

    At Hood River Middle School, place-based learning makes student learning relevant and engaging by turning their local geography, culture, history, and economy into classroom lessons.

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