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Hampton High School

Public, Suburban
Grades 9-12
Allison Park, PA
  • Assessment

    Performance-Based Assessment: Making Math Relevant

    In Hampton High's Disaster Relief Mission, math students role-play air traffic controllers and pilots to assess their skills in a performance-based simulation.
  • Assessment

    Performance-Based Assessment in Math

    Instead of doing math problems with no context, students at this school role-play real jobs.
  • Technology Integration

    Instructional Coaching: Driving Meaningful Tech Integration

    With Hampton High's tech instructional coach, teachers have found a confidant, subject-area expert, co-teacher, and PD coordinator at their fingertips, enhancing smart, school-wide tech integration.
  • Assessment

    Gaining Understanding on What Your Students Know

    Quick, ungraded assessments help teachers know what their students understand from the day’s lesson.
  • Technology Integration

    Making Technology Work

    See how a high school integrated technology in teaching with the help of an instructional coach.
  • Assessment

    Rigorous, Relevant Assessment

    Performance-based assessment measures how well students can apply what they know––often in real-world situations.
  • Assessment

    Performance-Based Assessment: Engaging Students in Chemistry

    In Hampton High's PBA Chemistry Research Project, students create a model of their compound, produce a video about it, and defend it in a debate.
  • Assessment

    Exit Tickets: Checking for Understanding

    Whether it's an app or a piece of paper, exit tickets are quick, ungraded assessments of how you're teaching and what students need from you next.