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  • Assessment

    Rethinking Assessment

    Educator and author Will Richardson considers why we should assess students by the standards of the networked world they already inhabit in this excerpt from his new TED e-book, Why School?
  • Teacher Leadership

    "My Teacher Is an App"

    Blogger Will Richardson makes an alarming projection about why the economics of phasing out teachers is just so appealing.
  • Education Trends

    The "New" Normal

    Author and blogger Will Richardson posits that big changes are ahead in education, and they won't be without some pain.
  • Project-Based Learning

    World Without Walls: Learning Well with Others

    How to teach when learning is everywhere.
  • Teacher Development

    The Internet Breaks School Walls Down

    What happens to time-worn concepts of classrooms and teaching when we can now go online and learn anything, anywhere, anytime?