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Vivian Maguire

Vivian Maguire

Tenth grade English teacher from El Paso, TX

Vivian Maguire is an English teacher with an M.A. in English Literature from the University of Texas at El Paso. Vivian currently teaches at Transmountain Early College High School. TMECHS is a STEM campus that allows students to earn their associate's degree while still attending high school. Vivian teaches Pre-AP English II, Practical Writing, Creative Writing, and Reading. Vivian has been teaching for nine years. Vivian lives in El Paso, TX with her husband Randy, and their two daughters Amelie and Penelope. Vivian has written for Education Week,, The El Paso Times, and Edutopia.


  • Literacy
    With the guest journal exercise, a literary show-and-tell taps into students' passions, gives them agency, and helps develop their thinking on a variety of subjects.