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Vincent A. Mastro

Author of Aesop's Childhood Adventures Series and Teacher's Guides

Vincent A. Mastro is a husband and father of twins. He is a member of the board of directors for TALC, The Adolescent Leadership Council, a not for profit focused on the development of teens with chronic illnesses of all kinds. Vincent A. Mastro is also a software engineering manager for a fortune 25 company. He has been published multiple times in software industry publications including the prestigious ACM journals. As a parent, he was left unsatisfied with the many classic versions of Aesop’s Fables because they were stark and not at all interesting to his twins. His motivation for writing this version of the fables is to bring the stories to life through the daily adventures of a little raccoon boy who experiences each fable as it unfolds. Vincent Mastro’s hope is that the next generation of children will benefit from these extraordinary, timeless messages of insight.

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    • Integrated Studies

      A Cornucopia of Multidisciplinary Teaching

      The synergy of diverse disciplines can lead to a sweet spot. Consider myths and fables for teaching subjects as far ranging as geography, vocabulary, and philosophy.
    • Education Trends

      Common Core, Critical Thinking and Aesop's Fables

      Guest blogger and children's author Vincent Mastro uses Aesop's fables as a jumping-off point for teaching critical thinking when he asks young students 'what if?' and filters their answers through 'it depends.'