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Author of the hilarious schoolhouse memoir, "Can't Wait to Get There. Can't Wait to Leave"

You take, all he did was to watch him and write down what he seen and heard and put it in a paper for schoolteachers to read. Now what was wrong with that? Why nothing.

—“The Violent Bear It Away,” by Flannery O’Connor

Todd's stunning teaching memoir, "Can't Wait to Get There. Can't Wait to Leave," at corkscrew turns hilarious, heartwarming, and even heartbreaking, about the most remarkable moments of his teaching career, was published by Stairway Press in 2014. The crticially-acclaimed memoir was a candidate for the 2015 Thurber Prize for American Humor and the 2015 McMath Book Award.

Todd begins his eleventh year of teaching the fall of 2016 ... with a record of educational ingenuity in a wide range of roles at a number of Atlanta area special education, parochial, and mainstream independent schools in literature, language arts, fine arts, social studies, and one-on-one behavioral and academic modification roles. Todd is also a successful track and field, basketball, and soccer coach who knows exactly when to blow his whistle real, real loudly.

Todd is the head of the "Trailblazers" Career Preparatory Program at Cumberland Academy of Georgia, a school for students, grades 4 to 12, with moderate to profound learning and behavior disorders, where he guides at-risk high school students in academic, vocational, and social development.

Todd's also novelist, an Atlanta native, and a highly accomplished abstract and folk artist. His quirky folk art style is unique in American art. The majority of his folk-style pieces are extremely funny and make shocking educational or religious commentaries within the various sizes of his canvases. See his astonishing work at Action Jackson Art at Todd is also a caption writer for Anne Taintor, Inc., the vintage humor product company marketed to women.

Todd’s also the author of the hilarious social satire, "Toonamint of Champions: How LaJuanita Mumps Got to Join Augusta National Golf Club Real Easy: A Particularly Allegorical Comedy of Real Bad Manners," a candidate for the 2008 Thurber Prize for American Humor. His hilarious novella, "Why Golf Is So Exciting! A Novelty!" was published in March, 2014 in paperback and e-book from Stairway Press. Todd is the first Georgia native in the literary history of the state to have published a sports-related novel ... unless Deliverance is really about canoeing.

The online journal of his rookie year of teaching Georgia history at a large special education school, A Dixie Diary, is considered America’s finest and most powerful diary of classroom vignettes. Visit at

Todd was a 2011 candidate for induction into the Georgia Writers Hall of Fame sponsored by the University of Georgia Libraries. He's also a two-time award winner for magazine journalism from the Magazine Association of the Southeast ... and a long time ago, Todd was a local TV personality in the state that started all that secession business.

For a large part of his career, Todd was director of sales and marketing of Fuji Development's Golf Club of Georgia, one of America's most prestigious golf clubs. Todd revolutionized elite-level membership sales, marketing, and golf club media relations practices in the private and public club industry while producing $27 million in sales in his years at The Golf Club of Georgia. He is co-founder of the club's annual "Georgia Cup," one of America's most prestigious amateur golf events.

Todd is a past recipient of Georgia Trend magazine's "Best and Brightest: 40 Under 40" award, given to Georgia's most innovative business, educational, cultural, and political leaders in the state.

He is an award-winning graduate of Woodward Academy in College Park, Georgia. He graduated from Furman University with a B.A. in psychology where he was also a member of the track and field team as an 800 meter runner and javelin thrower.

He is also an accomplished, masters-level (age 41+) boxer with a 1-1 record as an amateur, and is currently in training with USA Boxing to also become a boxing judge and referee. Learn more here ...

Todd's a fourteen-time marathoner, running races in seven different states, as well as the District of Columbia, and never winning a dang one of them. He's also a five-time half marathoner, and a stunned finisher of the granddaddy of all obstacle course races, the Tough Mudder.

Stunned? Well, stunned that during the proceedings that he didn't drown, get suffocated, get electrocuted to death, or burned to death. It really was a lot of fun.

Why? Because outside of your day job, it's really important to have some super healthy hobbies.

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