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Teague Tubach

Seventh Grade Humanities Teacher

I taught fifth grade humanities for five years and then moved to seventh grade humanities, all at Charter School of Morgan Hill in California. I’m now entering my eighth year. I rely heavily on project-based learning to foster student engagement.

I enjoy field trips and traveling with students—each year I take them to Angel Island and Chinatown in San Francisco. I take students to plays, lunch, and various local outings. I’ve traveled with students to Washington DC, Philadelphia, Gettysburg, New York City, and the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. Next year we are going to China for 11 days. I am passionate about experiential learning through travel, PBL, and social justice lessons.

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  • Project-Based Learning

    How to Use a Play for Project-Based Learning

    Seventh graders staging an adaptation of A Christmas Carol work on literary and historical analysis as well as the design process.