George Lucas Educational Foundation

Taylor Hausburg

Doctoral Student in Teaching, Learning, and Teacher Education

Taylor Hausburg is an EdD student in teaching, learning, and teacher education at the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education. Before studying at Penn GSE, Taylor worked as a founding faculty member of an all-girls secondary school in India, and developed the school’s leadership program. She also taught college-level English in Rwanda through the Fulbright Program, and middle school math in California through Teach for America. Taylor’s research and professional interests include youth leadership development, curriculum design, and teacher education. She holds a BA in linguistics from Duke University and an MA in urban education from Loyola Marymount University.


  • Social and Emotional Learning

    Intention-Setting in the Classroom

    Asking middle school students to focus on their guiding principles can lead them to more productive individual and group work.
  • Teaching Strategies

    Getting Started With Experiential Learning

    Learning by doing—through project-based learning or role plays based on the news, for example—can boost student engagement.