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Suzanne Acord, PhD

High school history teacher and PD provider in Houston, Texas.

I began my teaching career in Yap, Micronesia as a Peace Corps volunteer. I fell in love with the profession during my two years of service. I currently teach high school history and adjunct at a local university. When I'm not teaching, I can be found traveling, checking out museums, or at a teacher workshop. Conference highlights include Google Apps for Education, NCSS, and all NEH workshops! I'm a workshop junkie! I hope to see you at an educational conference soon! Let's talk shop!

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  • Teaching Strategies

    Use "Rile 'Em Up" Music to Develop Cultural Empathy

    By listening to and reading the lyrics of songs from unfamiliar cultures, students can connect on a personal level with historical and social justice issues.
  • Teacher Leadership

    No-Cost Summer Travel for Teachers

    As summer approaches, do you find yourself daydreaming about how you will spend your long summer months as a civilian? I enjoy enriching the minds of students for ten months, but as summer draws nearer, I yearn to act as the learner, preferably at someone else’s expense. Fellowships, workshops, seminars and service travel can provide you with intellectually stimulating learning opportunities while on the road.

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