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Susan Riley

Arts Integration Specialist

Susan Riley is an arts integration specialist, based out of Maryland. Susan focuses on teacher professional development in arts integration, Common Core State Standards, 21st century learning skills, and technology. Susan is the founder and curator of, a website dedicated to Arts Integration and Innovation. Here, she and her team write about teaching and leadership ideas, as well as providing free Arts Integration lesson plans, a vibrant online community and a wealth of resources for educators looking to connect with the Common Core State Standards.

Additionally, Susan also has written articles for several online magazines, guest authored posts on various professional blogs and has recently authored two books: Shake the Sketch: An Arts Integration Workbook and A Vocal Advocate. You can contact Susan directly at:

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  • Education Trends

    Pivot Point: At the Crossroads of STEM, STEAM and Arts Integration

    Guest blogger Susan Riley, an arts integration specialist, explains that arts integration programs aren't the same as turning STEM programs into STEAM, but that interdisciplinary approaches can be pivot points across multiple content areas.
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    Use Arts Integration to Enhance Common Core

    Arts integration specialist Susan Riley looks at some of the ways in which teaching with the arts can meet and enhance Common Core requirements.