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Susan Barber

High School English Teacher & English Department Chair

I am a caffeinated educator with the incredible privilege of teaching high school English and serving as department chair. This is my eighth year at Northgate High School on the south side of Atlanta where I teach AP Literature and also lower level British literature. I am a believer in the system and strive to be a positive influence among both students and fellow educators. At the end of the day, I am glad to settle down to watching something on Netflix with my husband and three kids.

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  • Assessment

    7 Strategies to Make Grading Easier

    Grading is time-consuming but necessary, so we have some techniques for making it more effective and efficient.
  • Literacy

    Making the Most of Your Writing Feedback

    Giving high-quality feedback on student writing can be a challenge, but these strategies help maximize its impact on your students.
  • Literacy

    Building Choice Into Your Students’ Reading

    Create a literacy-rich environment by putting a lot of books in front of your students.
  • Literacy

    6 Techniques for Building Reading Skills—in Any Subject

    Students need good reading skills not just in English but in all classes. Here are some ways you can help them develop those skills.
  • Literacy

    Teaching Writing or Editing Writing?

    Instead of being their editor, teach students the craft of writing through ongoing feedback, freedom to experiment, self-editing skills, strengthening content and ideas, and encouraging reflection.
  • Arts Integration

    Arts Integration or Arts and Crafts?

    Arts integration is a gateway for engagement, motivation, and creativity as students use critical thinking skills to they learn content through relevant and individualized projects.

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