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Photo of Stephanie Chang

Stephanie Chang

Director of Impact at Maker Ed

Stephanie Chang is the director of impact at Maker Ed, having spent five years previously leading and designing Maker Ed’s program and project offerings for educators and institutions around the country.

Her current work focuses on evaluating the impact and value of programmatic efforts, digging into data analysis to inform and improve the work, and developing stories, tools, and strategies for better understanding the impact of the field at all levels. She leads related research efforts and continues to inform the design of professional development and partnerships at Maker Ed.

Prior to Maker Ed, Stephanie supported makerspaces and programs with 15 California high schools; worked in educational research and evaluation; led the science and technology program at the Tech Museum; and taught environmental and marine science. Stephanie holds a bachelor’s in biology from MIT and a master’s degree from the Learning, Design, and Technology program at Stanford University’s Graduate School of Education.


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