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Shira Loewenstein

Associate Director of Teaching and Learning

Shira Loewenstein is first and foremost a teacher. She spent seven years as a classroom teacher in grades 1 to 8. She also served as a mentor teacher for beginning teachers. She currently spends her days coaching leaders and working with teachers on pedagogical practices. She worked at Yeshiva University and Prizmah: Center for Jewish Day Schools, leading Jewish day school leaders. Shira is particularly interested in pedagogical practices of all teachers, thinking about how kids think, and meeting the needs of diverse learners in a classroom setting. She has her master’s from Brandeis University, where she is an alumna of the Delet program, and is finishing her doctorate on teacher leadership at Yeshiva University.

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    • Resilience and Grit

      The Loss of Grit in Personalized Education

    • Family Engagement

      Strengthening Parent Partnerships

      For effective school-home partnerships, get to know the parents early in the year, get to know the values of each family, and remain consistent and fair.
    • Assessment

      What's the Point of Assessment?

      For meaningful, effective assessment, teachers must clarify expectations, differentiate to ensure student success, and make the test less of a statement about their teaching.
    • Project-Based Learning

      Does Spelling Count?

      Guest blogger Shira Loewenstein, asked by her students whether spelling counts, comes back with a fascinating question of her own: why is the continuum of learning broken down into a handful of unrelated subjects?
    • New Teachers

      Mentorship: Teaching the Teachers

      Shira Loewenstein, a specialist in new teacher support, makes the case for finding or starting a mentoring program within your own school.
    • School Leadership

      The Accidental Community: Feeling the Love

      Guest blogger Shira Loewenstein, citing a study about the benefits of workplace love in the for-profit sector, asks whether those team-building strategies would have the same positive effects if introduced to our PLCs at school.

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