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Shawn Cornally

Dealing with the fear of being a boring teacher (Iowa, Internet)

Forward-deployed education engineer. Headmaster and lead teacher @IowaBIG, Iowa's first 100% project- and competency-based authentic audience school. Physics, Calculus, Arduino, & Processing! Blogger for the 'topia.

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  • Project-Based Learning

    Bacon Apart: A Rigorous (and Delicious) Student-Centered Project

    Teacher and blogger Shawn Cornally walks us through a student pitch that, through rigor, competences, and standards, turns into prize-winning bacon at the county fair.
  • Project-Based Learning

    We Don't Like "Projects"

    Shawn Cornally, founder of the Big Ideas School, suggests that the first step toward successful PBL is getting students to understand why they don't need to experience dread when they hear the word project.
  • Student Engagement

    "How Do I Teach This?" vs. "What Did We Learn?"

    Teacher and blogger Shawn Cornally suggests that we should let student motivation become a factor in determining curriculum.
  • Brain-Based Learning

    Teenagers and Abstract Thinking: Unclear on the Concept?

    Blogger and teacher Shawn Cornally illustrates how differing abstraction levels in teenagers can make all the difference in how well they grasp the concepts we're trying to teach.
  • Game-Based Learning

    Video Games in the STEM Classroom

    Blogger and teacher Shawn Cornally describes how he came to accept his students' passion for video games and channel some of the titles into his STEM curriculum.
  • Assessment

    Deeper Learning: Performance Assessment and Authentic Audience

    Teacher and writer Shawn Cornally explores the ways of making assessment relevant to students, and therefore more useful to teachers.
  • Assessment

    Assessment Carnival: More Than Quizzes and Tests

    Guest blogger Shawn Cornally orchestrates a blog carnival about assessment to kick off the next Edutopia Schools that Work.
  • Project-Based Learning

    Current Events in the STEM Classroom: Mars Curiosity

    Teacher and author Shawn Cornally suggests using the latest news from Mars to engage and inspire STEM classrooms here on Earth.