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Shawn Canney

English Teacher- PBL American Discourse and Drama and ADE 

I am a high school English teacher at Drew Charter School in Atlanta. This is my 15th year teaching English. I have taught every class at every level. This year, I am teaching an integrated course, American Discourse and Drama. This course integrates American Literature and Drama. We try to bring in a lot of technology and bring the literature to life.

In addition to teaching, I graded AP Exams for 3 years. Last year, I did not grade exams because I attended Apple's Distinguished Educator institute in Miami. I presented two sessions at the AP Annual Conference in 2013- "Making Poetry Accessible and Practical" and "Extending Your Library- Maximizing the Utility of a Novel."


  • PBL Planning

    Learning by Doing: A Teacher Transitions Into PBL

    For a successful PBL unit, set clear goals, over plan, make students accountable, give concrete deadlines, share rubrics in advance, and reflect on your methods.