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Sarahí Monterrey

High School English Learner Teacher

As a child immigrant from El Salvador, Sarahí Monterrey recognizes the pivotal role teachers play in students’ lives. Sarahí’s approach to teaching embodies a genuine belief that every student has the ability to learn and grow, and that every educator has an obligation to tearing down the barriers that stand in students’ way. Sarahí is in her 16th year of teaching and is currently an English learner teacher at Waukesha North High School in Waukesha, Wisconsin. In May 2015, Sarahí was named Educator of the Year by Wisconsin’s Association of Bilingual Education. Last May, Sarahí was named Wisconsin's 2018–19 High School Teacher of the year. In June, she was selected as Wisconsin’s 2019 State Teacher of the Year representative to the National Teacher of the Year program.


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