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Sam Patterson

PreK-6 MakerSpace Teacher

In my 12th year of teaching, I jumped from high school English to Elementary education. I am in love with my work at Echo Horizon School, and thrive on playful learning.

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  • Maker Education

    A Content-Rich Maker Project

    Students crafting cardboard suits of armor work on literacy, math, and collaboration skills.
  • Student Engagement

    Make Fuzzy Concepts Clear With Tech

    When a Sphero robot engaged students' empathy about Depression-era migrants, one teacher realized how using technology can help open young minds to abstract concepts.
  • Maker Education

    6 Reasons Why Puppets Will Change Your Classroom Forever

    Puppet-based learning teaches students design thinking, growth mindset, writing, how to work in sharable media, and how to approach learning without fear. Plus, it's fun!
  • Coding in the Classroom

    Coding for Kindergarteners

    Teaching young children to code is far from a tedious exercise with the thoughtful, age-appropriate use of game-like apps and robotic devices.
  • Game-Based Learning

    4 Best Practices in Implementing GBL

    For successful gamification, build the excitement, use the data you collect, make the game fun for all students, and never underestimate the value of play.
  • Coding in the Classroom

    Create a Family Coding Day for Hour of Code

    Invite the school community to learn about coding, and show parents the critical magic of their children learning what makes the digital world run.
  • Classroom Technology

    Learning With Robots: Content Mastery and Social Skills

    When introducing younger students to robots, the high-engagement nature of these tools can add a social-emotional layer to the more obvious learning goals.

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