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Sam Patterson profile

Sam Patterson

PreK-6 MakerSpace Teacher

In my 12th year of teaching, I jumped from high school English to Elementary education. I am in love with my work at Echo Horizon School, and thrive on playful learning.


  • Maker Education
    Students crafting cardboard suits of armor work on literacy, math, and collaboration skills.
  • Student Engagement
    When a Sphero robot engaged students' empathy about Depression-era migrants, one teacher realized how using technology can help open young minds to abstract concepts.
  • Maker Education
    Puppet-based learning teaches students design thinking, growth mindset, writing, how to work in sharable media, and how to approach learning without fear. Plus, it's fun!
  • Game-Based Learning
    For successful gamification, build the excitement, use the data you collect, make the game fun for all students, and never underestimate the value of play.
  • Coding in the Classroom
    Invite the school community to learn about coding, and show parents the critical magic of their children learning what makes the digital world run.
  • Classroom Technology
    When introducing younger students to robots, the high-engagement nature of these tools can add a social-emotional layer to the more obvious learning goals.
  • Coding in the Classroom
    Teaching young children to code is far from a tedious exercise with the thoughtful, age-appropriate use of game-like apps and robotic devices.