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Russ Skiba

Professor, Indiana University--Bloomington

Russ Skiba, Ph.D. is a Professor in the School Psychology program at Indiana University and director of the Equity Project, a consortium of federal, state, and foundation-funded grants providing evidence to practitioners and policymakers. He has published extensively and worked with schools across the country in the areas of disproportionality, school discipline, and school violence prevention. Skiba is currently director of the Discipline Disparities Research to Practice Collaborative, funded by Atlantic Philanthropies and the Open Society Foundation, a national initiative bringing together key researchers, educators, and policymakers to increase research, policy and practice attention to disciplinary disparities.

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    • Education Trends

      Beyond Zero Tolerance: Achieving a Balance in School Discipline

      Guest blogger Russ Skiba, psychology professor and director of the Equity Project, examines why zero tolerance programs don't work and offers nine positive, inclusive strategies for fostering classroom discipline.