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Robyn Scott

College Prep Tutor with Tutor Nerds

I am an English and college prep tutor working with TutorNerds LLC in Orange County, CA.

I attended UC Irvine (BA) and University of Southampton, UK (MA) and have enjoyed working with students privately and in the classroom for the past 10 years. Many of my students have been English Language Learners in some capacity and I encourage them to take advantage of the multi-cultural experience the US has to offer. I am currently working to develop ways that volunteer teachers and tutors can lend their expertise while also optimizing their time.

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  • English-Language Learners

    Practices to Welcome and Support ELLs

    Through practices that incorporate tolerance, empathy, and perspective, you can engage your English-only students in appreciating and sharing with their ELL classmates.
  • Literacy

    Poetry Month: The Practical Applications of Self-Expression

    Poetry can boost adolescents' language skills and fulfill their need for self-expression -- if presented as an art form that has relevance to their lives.
  • Mental Health

    Understanding Invisible Disabilities

    To help students with invisible disabilities, recognize related behavior, discover whether there's a diagnosis, respect their privacy, and make learning accommodations.

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