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Prakash Nair

Founding President & CEO of Education Design International

Prakash Nair is a futurist, an architect, and the founding president and CEO of Education Design International. He has developed award-winning schools around the world and is the author of three books on school design, including Blueprint for Tomorrow.


  • Social and Emotional Learning

    A Comfortable Truth: Well-Planned Classrooms Make a Difference

    Kids don't have to squirm to learn.
  • Assessment

    Getting Beyond the School as Temple: What Do We Expect from Our Schools?

    Our concept of a community school must evolve -- rapidly and intelligently.
  • Social and Emotional Learning

    Master Classroom: Designs Inspired by Creative Minds

    A team of architects who specialize in learning spaces want to let Leonardo da Vinci, Albert Einstein, and Jamie Oliver show you the future of classroom design.
  • Project-Based Learning

    Small Is BIG: Breaking Down Schools to Break Down Barriers

    The way space is organized can give school a powerful sense of community.

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