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Paul Sylvester

Assistant Professor, West Chester University

I am an assistant professor at West Chester University of Pennsylvania in the Early and Middle Grades Education program. Growing up in a Detroit suburb during de-industrialization led me to a career in urban schools. Witnessing the differences between the tasks given to poor kids and rich kids taught me that our pedagogical choices can reproduce inequality or ameliorate it. To me, the way we plan lessons is a social justice issue.

I have worked as a teacher, dean of faculty at an urban, environmentally focused charter school, and founder of an internet start-up. Currently, among my most rewarding work is coaching student teachers in the School District of Philadelphia.

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  • Critical Thinking

    A Lesson Planning Framework That Leads to Productive Struggle

    Dialogic learning is a form of collaborative inquiry that works like gradual release of responsibility in reverse—beginning with “you do.”

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