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Patrick Waters

Educator, Writer, Maker

Patrick Waters, M.ed is an award-winning a MakerEd writer and educator. What’s MakerEd? MakerEd is an educational philosophy celebrating the learning process which occurs when a person makes something interesting. MakerEd involves a little of everything: community outreach, technological literacy, arts, craftwork, engineering, mathematics, outdoor environmental education, wearing a tool belt, generally being awesome and so on. Patrick Waters doesn’t just create robots and woodworking, he helps craft children into thinking, problem-solving, engaged adults. Mr. Patrick has taught at a variety of developmental levels in a middle school/high school, specializing in students with neurological differences. When he’s done teaching young adults, he teaches normal-aged adults at local makerspaces. He regularly posts updates on his work at, a blog at the crossroads of sawdust, education and making.

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  • Maker Education

    Inspiring Students With Special Needs Through Filmmaking

    A maker teacher’s experience using puppetry and filmmaking to engage students with neurological differences.
  • Student Engagement

    Encouraging Neurodiversity in Your Makerspace or Classroom

    While students with neurological differences face daily challenges, they bring unique qualities of focus, nonlinear thinking, recall, and brainstorming enthusiasm to a makerspace or classroom.
  • Maker Education

    Makerspaces for Students With Special Needs

    Students with special needs and neurological differences can benefit from the hands-on process, experimental nature, and visible results of maker education.
  • Project-Based Learning

    Project-Based Learning Through a Maker's Lens

    The messy, hands-on Maker classroom is perfect for a PBL unit when the teacher is willing to collaborate, tinker, fix, break, and rebuild alongside students.