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Patrick Cook Deegan

Founder, Patrick Cook-Deegan Mindfulness Mentoring and Consulting

Patrick Cook-Deegan is a graduate of Brown University and a Fulbright scholar. He has spoken at 100 schools and universities, facilitated mindfulness workshops with more than 1,500 students, organized a dozen mindfulness retreats and backcountry trips, and serves as a personal mentor.

Patrick has been featured in the Washington Post, Sunday Boston Globe, Radio Free Asia, ABC News, NPR, and has been published in the Huffington Post, Tricycle, and the Providence Journal. Most recently, Patrick was the West Coast Director of Inward Bound Mindfulness Education where he helped launch their first wilderness-based retreats.

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    • Mindfulness

      The Long Game: 4 Essentials for a Successful Mindfulness Program

      A schoolwide mindfulness program starts with a vision, teaches it as a practice, changes school culture, and frames the effort with research and verifiable results.
    • Mindfulness

      Mindfulness at School Outside the Classroom

      To help students understand the power of mindfulness, consider practicing it outside of a classroom setting, whether through sports activities, wilderness programs, or retreats.
    • Mindfulness

      Implementing a Schoolwide Mindfulness Program

      A school-wide mindfulness program starts with reaching out to faculty members who can help or hinder, and then addressing parent questions and concerns before beginning.
    • Mindfulness

      Outdoor Mindfulness Exercises for Earth Day

      Guest blogger Patrick Cook Deegan, a mindfulness mentor and consultant, teaches students about Earth Day by bringing them outside and engaging their senses. He shares six easy steps to help your class appreciate their natural surroundings.

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