George Lucas Educational Foundation

Noel White

Noel White formerly served as a research associate at GLEF and is now a communications associate at WestEd in San Francisco.


  • Assessment

    High Standards: A Culture of Educational Quality

    A small rural Massachusetts school has a different definition of accountability -- one based on producing good learners, not high test scores.
  • Social and Emotional Learning

    Teachers and Students: Support Is Key

    Here are some school practices that support positive teacher-student relations.
  • Project-Based Learning

    Student Creators: How to Contribute to the Internet

    When students are given the opportunity to create content for the Web, they also discover a whole new dimension in education.
  • Technology Integration

    Street-Level Youth Soar: Students Learn How to Tell Their Stories

    Students learn the art of digital expression.
  • Teacher Development

    Ted Nellen and Barry Sweeny: Perspectives on Mentoring

    How the Internet can provide mentors for teachers.