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Nathan Barber

Nathan Barber

Head of Upper School, Houston, Texas

A twenty-year educator, Nathan Barber has served in a number of roles including teacher, coach and administrator. As a writer, Barber has produced several classroom guides for teachers and much online content for test-prep companies. Barber also has written and published thirteen books, mostly in the field of education, as well as a novel called Resurrecting Lazarus, Texas. Barber's most recent project, a manuscript for Routledge/Eye on Education, What Teachers Can Learn from Sports Coaches: A Playbook of Instructional Strategies, just rolled off the presses and is now available from both online and brick-and-mortar booksellers.


  • Education Trends
    One school rearranged its staff duties and decision-making process to widen the range of ideas and involvement for operating efficiently and effectively.
  • School Leadership
    Great sports coaches focus on player growth and development for the ultimate win. Educators can follow suit by focusing on student learning rather than test scores.
  • Resilience and Grit
    By adding Angela Duckworth's 12-item grit scale to the standard assessments, one school is investigating the possibility of measuring and teaching its students grit.
  • Education Trends
    One high school experiments with the flattened model as it seeks to replace departmental hierarchy with the creativity that blossoms from staff collaboration.