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Michelle Manno

Teacher turned storyteller.

Michelle Manno is an education writer and researcher living in NYC. Her interests include K-12 and teacher education, digital media as a teaching tool, and understanding the intersection of pop culture and pedagogy.

She is a recent graduate from Hunter College with her Master's in Education Psychology: Assessment, Research and Evaluation and currently works as a higher education editorial strategist. Bylines include Bright, Huffington Post, Teach for America, and the Association of American Educators.

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  • Online Learning

    Digital Spaces: 12 Best Practices for Multimedia Learning

    Design online course content by following best practices to reduce students' cognitive load and prevent the words, pictures, and media from over-stimulating and inhibiting learning.
  • Professional Development

    Taking Charge: 5 Key Strategies for DIY PD

    Educators create their own professional development opportunities with the many resources available via social media, bringing their admins on board with this new model.

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