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Michael Choinacky

I have been teaching health and physical education to grades 5-8 for the past 14 years. I have coached multiple sports teams during my time as well as taken a leadership role for many after school clubs. My role as an educator has been to provide a positive influence for my students, promote well-being through physical activity as well as expose them to opportunities to take an active role in the community. I am proud to have been named teacher of the year for my school in 2016 and in the honors division for my district. I continue to brainstorm fun ways for my students to stay active and excited about physical activity.


  • Student Wellness

    5 Fun Gym Games to Get Kids Moving

    Use these games to engage even the students who don’t usually like to run.
  • Student Wellness

    Tough Mudder Goes to the Gym

    Engage all students in gym by updating the old familiar obstacle course. Plus, you can include discussions on growth mindset.