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Merle Huerta

Learning Center Teacher, Academic Coach, Writer, and Parent of a Blended Family of 13

Merle Huerta has written dozens of instructional articles, educational blog posts, and essays on parenting and educational issues. She has a Masters in Instructional Media & Technology from Columbia University Teachers College and is a graduate from The Writers Institute at CUNY's Graduate Center. She has taught as an adjunct instructor in the English Skills Department at SUNY/Rockland, a General Studies Middle School Teacher, and was a reading Mentor through the East Ramapo School District. Currently, she is a high school resource room teacher at YU High School for Boys in Manhattan and an academic and study skills coach.

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  • Education Equity

    Meeting the Needs of Students With ADHD

    Steps you can take to foster greater productivity, order, and calm for these learners.
  • Coding in the Classroom

    Coding in the Classroom: A Long-Overdue Inclusion

    By promoting code literacy, schools could improve education equity, offer inclusion for students with ASD, improve STEM proficiency, and build neuroplasticity associated with multilingual education.
  • Arts Integration

    Through the Lens of Filmmaking

    Through developing, producing, and distributing a film, special-needs and mainstream students can work together, developing communication, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills -- among many others.

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