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Matthew M. Johnson

English Teacher and Writer

I am a father, husband, and English teacher at a public magnet school in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I also blog regularly about writing instruction at Matthew M. Johnson, and am the author of a book for new teachers called Finding Success the First Year: A Survivor’s Guide for New Teachers.

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  • Literacy

    Grammar: The Skunk at the Garden Party

    Students may wish grammar would go away, but there are ways to deepen their engagement.
  • New Teachers

    The Advantages of Being a New Teacher

    New teachers are frequently defined in terms of their struggles, and those are real. But we should also focus on their strengths.
  • Literacy

    Assigning More Writing—With Less Grading

    Check out four best practices for teaching writing that can help you improve student learning without creating a mountain of grading work.

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