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Matt Weyers

7th Grade Social Studies Teacher, Byron (MN) Public Schools

This will be my 10th year teaching, eight of which have been spent teaching fifth-seventh grade in both Wisconsin and Minnesota. Most recently, I served as a Teacher on Special Assignment for Winona (MN) State University teaching undergraduate education courses, before returning to my home district as a 7th grade Social Studies teacher. I earned my Bachelors Degree in Elementary/Middle Level Education from the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse and my Masters Degree in Literacy and Leadership from Cardinal Stritch University. In addition, I have served as an adjunct instructor for Winona (MN) State University since 2013. My passions in teaching include Project Based Learning, soft skill development, and education reform.

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  • PBL Assessment

    Standards-Based Assessment in PBL

    Incorporating standards-based grading into project-based learning is a challenge, but these four practices will help you get started.
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    Going Gradeless: Student Self-Assessment in PBL

    By replacing student grades with an end-of-quarter conference, you can change that persistent question of "Will I be graded on this?" to "What can I do better?"
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    Tools for Differentiating Instruction in PBL

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    PBL Pilot: What Will the Future Bring?

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    PBL Pilot: Matching PBL With Traditional Grading

    Fifth grade teachers reflect on grading students in their PBL pilot program without traditional homework, while keeping parents informed and reconsidering the meaning of grades
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    PBL Pilot: Apps, Tips, and Tricks

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    District Support Strategies for a PBL Launch

    District administrations can help streamline PBL implementation by removing traditional barriers to change, crucially conversing with parents and other staff, and providing emotional support.
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    PBL Pilot: 4 Strategies to Implement and Spread PBL in Your School

    Two fifth grade teachers advocate trust, respect, and inclusion when sharing the practices and results of their PBL pilot program with on-site colleagues.
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    PBL Pilot: Navigating Group Work

    Fifth grade teachers use their PBL pilot program to teach the leadership and collaboration skills that future employers are likely to expect of their students.
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    PBL Project Planning: Matching Projects to Standards

    Two adventurous fifth grade teachers explore their new PBL pilot program as they learn what it means to align student projects with learning standards.
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    PBL Pilot: Student Work Showcase

    Fifth grade teachers share how students in their PBL pilot program raised funds for microloans, created websites for a nature preserve, and developed business plans.
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    PBL Pilot: Rolling It Out to Parents and Students

    The PBL pilot program rollout continues as two adventurous teachers open lines of communication with parents and engage their fifth graders with a driving question.