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Matt Levinson

Head of School, University Prep

Matt Levinson is the Head of School at University Prep in Seattle and is the author of From Fear to Facebook: One School's Journey.

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  • Formative Assessment

    Hit the Mark With Digital Media Exit Cards

    Exit cards can be easy—and sometimes even fun—for students to create with a variety of digital tools.
  • Assessment

    Play as a Test Prep Tool

    Use these games built around standardized tests to build engagement and fuel learning.
  • Teaching Strategies

    The Election and the Educator

    During a contentious election season, a teacher's best strategy may be encouraging healthy, informed debate among students while withholding his or her own views.
  • Teaching Strategies

    Politics: The Great Pumpkin

    Discussing politics is often considered a social risk, but it's possible in the classroom by separating out the candidates, issues, process, and outcome.
  • Interest-Based Learning

    Next Generation Learning: Bringing Student Agency Back to Schooling

    The internet has enabled students to follow their passions toward self-directed learning. How can we, as educators, fold that learning back into their schooling experience?
  • Integrated Studies

    Transdisciplinarity: Thinking Inside and Outside the Box

    Students experience deeper learning and start thinking outside the box when their teachers collaborate to present different aspects of the same subject across various disciplines.
  • Technology Integration

    Face-to-Face vs. Online Learning: Why Is It Either/Or?

    Communication skills and growth mindset are critical in adopting a schoolwide online program because, regardless of the technology, these skills are the heart of learning.
  • Teaching Strategies

    To Teach Students First

    Meet diverse learners' needs through a range of classroom strategies that includes lecture, discussion, experiential learning, games, student presentations, technology integration, and free response writing.
  • Student Engagement

    The Need for Adaptation in Schools

    To meet Generation Z in their information-rich, results-oriented world, educators must think about adapting a new game plan to serve a new breed of student.
  • New Teachers

    The "Fast and Furious" Homestretch

    As the school year wraps up, savor the progress you've made as a teacher and team member, how you've helped others, and how they've helped you.