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Margot Toppen

Founder and CEO, EduMotion

Margot Toppen is a visionary educator who works at the intersection of SEL, arts, and physical education. In 2006, Margot developed Dancing with Class, a highly sought-after program delivered through hundreds of schools each year. In 2014, Margot celebrated the publication of Jitterbugs!, a dance-along children’s book, and in 2018, she launched the pilot of EduMotion: SEL Journeys, a digital platform that delivers an SEL-themed movement curriculum inspired by world cultures.

Margot is a dynamic presenter who frequently appears at conferences related to SEL, arts, and physical education. A graduate of Northwestern University, she recently completed the Executive Education program at the Kellogg School Center for Nonprofit Management, with a focus on innovation and leadership. With a dedication to collective impact, Margot serves as a member of the SHAPE America Task Force on SEL in Health and Physical Education, and the Partnerships and Professional Learning Panel for Ingenuity, a leader in arts education advocacy and research.

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  • Curriculum Planning

    Celebrating Fall Holidays Through Music and Dance

    Comparing the differences and similarities of holidays through dance and music is a fun way for elementary students to celebrate the season. 
  • Social and Emotional Learning

    Using Dance to Promote SEL Skills

    Bringing dance into the classroom with simple exercises can help elementary students develop social and emotional learning skills.