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Margaret Regan

Teacher & Founder, Martha's Vineyard Master Teaching Institute


  • New Teachers

    Teacher Appreciation: Why We Teach

    Guest blogger Peg Regan reflects on why teachers teach: they're leaders who serve, fulfilling their own high expectations, giving to those who need to receive it - and ultimately, they were born to teach.
  • Student Engagement

    3 Strategies to Promote Independent Thinking in Classrooms

    Guest blogger and master teaching specialist Margaret Regan describes three strategies that can promote independent thinking in classrooms.
  • Teacher Leadership

    Modeling Ethical Conduct in the Classroom

    Longtime educator Peg Regan establishes the classroom as the last, and first, outpost of ethical communication skills.
  • Teacher Leadership

    Six Steps to Master Teaching: Becoming a Reflective Practitioner

    Longtime educator Peg Regan outlines six critical steps toward becoming a master teacher.

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