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Marc Prensky

Marc Prensky is a speaker, writer, consultant, and game designer in the critical areas of education and learning. He is the author of Digital Game-Based Learning and Don't Bother Me, Mom, I'm Learning.


  • Teacher Development

    The 21st-Century Digital Learner

    How tech-obsessed iKids would improve our schools.
  • Project-Based Learning

    Programming Is the New Literacy

    Power will soon belong to those who can master a variety of expressive human-machine interactions.
  • Technology Integration

    A Side of Sims: Suggestions for the Classroom

    A partial sampling of simulations for elementary, middle, and high school.
  • Teacher Development

    Shaping Tech for the Classroom

    21st-century schools need 21st-century technology.
  • Teacher Development

    Simulation Nation: The Promise of Virtual Learning Activities

    Inventive computer sims can turn dull lessons into hyperreal experiences -- if we can get educators to use them.
  • Teacher Development

    Sims vs. Games: The Difference Defined

    The difference between computer simulations and computer games is subtle but important.