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L.L. Barkat

L.L. Barkat

Author, Educator, Publisher

K-12 Certified English Teacher with a special interest in math education and literacy, currently serving as a Publisher whose mission is to bring beautiful work to light and strengthen connections between the generations.

Author of six books for grown-ups and two for children, including 'Rumors of Water: Thoughts on Creativity & Writing' and 'A Is for Azure: The Alphabet in Colors.'

Huffington Post books, parenting, and education blogger. Poetry has appeared on NPR, VQR, and Best American Poetry. Connect with me on LinkedIn.


  • Integrated Studies
    Teaching literacy and math at once helps make the most of class time while deepening young students’ understanding in both subjects.
  • Literacy
    An argument for appreciating poems as moments of beauty in class, in addition to teaching poetry analysis.
  • Teaching Strategies
    Symbolic math can be hard to grasp, so we have tips to help you build on the natural math sense your kids already have.