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L.L. Barkat

Author, Educator, Publisher

K–12 certified English teacher with a special interest in math education and literacy, currently serving as a publisher whose mission is to bring beautiful work to light and strengthen connections between the generations.

Author of six books for grown-ups and two for children, including Rumors of Water: Thoughts on Creativity & Writing and A Is for Azure: The Alphabet in Colors.

Blogger for Huffington Post on books, parenting, and education. Poetry has appeared on NPR, VQR, and Best American Poetry.

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  • Literacy

    A Magical Summer Reading List

    With familiar themes, language, and narrative structures, fairy tales have built-in scaffolds to preserve reader confidence over the summer.
  • Literacy

    5 Ways to Celebrate Poetry

    During National Poetry Month and all year long, try these fun exercises with students of all ages to encourage a love of poetry.
  • Integrated Studies

    Using Stories to Teach Math

    Teaching literacy and math at once helps make the most of class time while deepening young students’ understanding in both subjects.
  • Teaching Strategies

    The Brain Is Wired for Math—Sort Of

    Symbolic math can be hard to grasp, so we have tips to help you build on the natural math sense your kids already have.
  • Literacy

    Encouraging a Love of Poetry

    An argument for appreciating poems as moments of beauty in class, in addition to teaching poetry analysis.

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