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Lisa Dabbs

Educational Consultant. Author. Speaker. Blogger.

Education Consultant, Author, Speaker, Blogger. Resident Blogger/former Social Media Marketing Support/Facilitator for, Adjunct Professor at the University of La Verne. M.Ed in Educational Administration.

Started my career as a Kindergarten teacher then promoted to Project Director of a Language and Literacy program. Served as an elementary school principal for 14 years...a challenging position that I really loved! Worked for Kaplan K-12 Educational Corporation as a Middle School Instructional Literacy Coach in LA Unified.

I'm a published author! My book Standing in the Gap: Connecting New Teachers to Connected Resources is dedicated to helping new teachers to be able to make connections to communities of practice. It's part of the Corwin Connected Educator Series. You can read all about it here:

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  • Personal Learning Network

    Reading in Summer Gives You Somewhere to Go

    Combine the traditional escape and enrichment of summer reading with social media resources for sharing discoveries with like-minded educators and readers.
  • Literacy

    Read With Me: 5 Tips to Foster a Love for Reading

    Edutopia blogger Lisa Dabbs shares her enthusiasm for reading with five tried-and-true suggestions for developing a lifelong book habit in young readers who may or may not have discovered the magic of the printed page.
  • Social and Emotional Learning

    The Power of the Morning Meeting: 5 Steps Toward Changing Your Classroom and School Culture

    Edutopia blogger Lisa Dabbs shares her own transformative experience with the Morning Meeting model and suggests five steps for integrating this practice into the classroom.
  • New Teachers

    Five Poetry Teaching Tips for New Teachers

    To celebrate National Poetry Month, Edutopia blogger Lisa Dabbs shares five poetry teaching tips for new teachers.
  • Social and Emotional Learning

    Teaching Kindness: More Than a Random Act

    To help observe Random Acts of Kindness Week, Edutopia blogger Lisa Dabbs introduces us to the Kind Campaign and why it's so necessary for young people.
  • New Teachers

    20 Tidbits for New Teachers

    From wikis to blogs to social media in the classroom, blogger and educator Lisa Dabbs shares twenty great ideas for new teachers.
  • New Teachers

    New-Teacher Academy: Lesson Planning

    Blogger Lisa Dabbs and teacher Matt Ray offer some suggestions about lesson planning in her New Teacher Academy series.
  • Teacher Leadership

    The Magnificent 7! A Tribute to Teachers Who Made a Difference

    In honor of National Teacher Appreciation Week, blogger Lisa Dabbs warmly recalls seven teachers from her past who inspired her to pursue a career in education.
  • New Teachers

    New Teacher Academy: Delivery of Instruction

    In the third installment of her New Teacher Academy series, blogger Lisa Dabbs invites veteran teacher Paula Naugle to illustrate some best practices for delivery of instruction.
  • Technology Integration

    Five Free Web 2.0 Tools to Support Lesson Planning

    Edutopia blogger Lisa Dabbs describes five free Web 2.0 tools and how to best use them to support your lesson planning.
  • Blended Learning

    Blended Learning: We Are All New Teachers

    Blogger Lisa Dabbs offers some great resources for a new teacher looking to incorporate blended learning in the classroom.
  • New Teachers

    Let’s Not "Fall" Behind: Three Tips to Help You Stay Organized

    Edutopia blogger Lisa Dabbs offers an inspiring strategy for teachers overwhelmed by the first two months of school's demands and details.
  • New Teachers

    5 Tips for New Teachers to Become Connected Educators

    Edutopia blogger Lisa Dabbs invites new teachers to consider the meaning of Connected Educator Month and how connecting will help them succeed this year and beyond. (Updated 10/2013)
  • New Teachers

    New Teacher Boot Camp Week 3 - Using Storybird

    Boot Campers are playing with this powerful drag-and-drop storytelling tool this week.
  • New Teachers

    New Teacher Academy: Classroom Management

    Blogger Lisa Dabbs introduces the New Teacher Academy with help from Justin Stortz, who discusses the not-so-secret basics of classroom management.

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