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Lauren Gehr

High School English Teacher

Affectionately called “The Gehr Bear” by her students, Lauren Gehr is an energetic teacher at Dutch Fork High in Irmo, South Carolina, fueled by her passion for learning, her students, and coffee. Her favorite part of teaching is experimenting with new instructional practices like providing students with choice in their learning and implementing Project Based Learning in her classroom. She is currently pursuing a Doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of South Carolina.


  • Literacy

    A Model for Creating an Inclusive American Lit Curriculum

    A high school teacher connected the standard curriculum to the work of a living, local poet to better engage all of her students.
  • Student Engagement

    How to Make Student Choice Work

    One teacher shares her strategies to address possible student choice pitfalls like accountability and classroom management.
  • Literacy

    Promoting Active Reading Skills

    Placing prompts throughout a text challenges students to analyze and interpret what they read—improving reading comprehension.  
  • Literacy

    More Than Highlighting: Creative Annotations

    Active strategies for annotation like collaborative work and illustration increase students’ comprehension and retention.

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