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Laura Deisley

Learner. Catalyst. Designer.Future Ready. #designmatters

Laura Deisley is Director of Strategic

Innovation at The Lovett School and Founding Director of Lab Atlanta--

an innovative new semester school for high school 10th graders opening in

January 2017.

A graduate of Wake Forest with an honors degree in mathematical

economics, Laura has worked at the intersection of the intersection of

business, education and technology for over 30 years. Her experiences range

from large corporate business to educational media, professional

development and parenting. Bringing a unique voice and energy to

conversations about learning, design, and change, she is recognized for her strategic visioning, network, and thoughtful

approach to living and learning in a highly connected, rapidly changing

world. Follow her @deacs84.

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    Bringing Design Thinking to the School Library

    Want to revamp your library? Design thinking may be just the planning tool you need.

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