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Laura Davis

Teacher in Honolulu, HI

I am educator in the Mid-Pacific exploratory program which teaches core content through project-based learning. I believe that students can exceed expectations with significant scaffolding, teamwork, and freedom to take ownership over their work.

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  • Student Engagement

    Motivating Successful Teamwork With Games

    Launch your next student project with laughter through physical, team-building challenges like escaping the room without touching the lava field or cooperating in blindfolded dodgeball.
  • Arts Integration

    Creating a Classroom Culture of Laughter

    Start class with improv exercises to get students laughing together, demonstrate the rewards of risk-taking and failure, and model a listening, supportive environment.
  • Project-Based Learning

    10-Minute Plays: Performing Arts in the History Classroom

    By distilling research, writing, and acting into ten-minute plays for an authentic audience, students turn a U.S. history unit into a personally relevant experience.

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