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Kyleen Gray

High School English Teacher

I am a teacher and literacy program leader at a small, rural school in Ontario, Canada, with 14 years of teaching experience both in the classroom and on e-learning platforms. My teaching style focuses on using 21st-century teaching methods, literacy development, and crosscurricular learning. As a former varsity athlete, I’m also passionate about sports and have coached volleyball at various levels throughout my teaching career. Outside of the classroom, my interests include fitness, sports, cooking, small-scale farming, and traveling.

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  • Online Learning

    5 Apps to Enhance Distance Learning

    These (mostly free) applications allow teachers to create virtual classrooms, record lessons, and collect student work.
  • Literacy

    Assessing Literacy Skills With One-on-One Conferencing

    Brief, frequent chats with students help teachers assess their reading and writing skills while building strong relationships.
  • Culturally Responsive Teaching

    Sharing Holiday Traditions in the Classroom

    Finding simple ways to celebrate different holidays in the classroom can create a culture of inclusion and deepen understanding.
  • Literacy

    Using Instagram to Teach Poetry

    The genre of Instapoetry can be a useful tool for engaging students and improving their literacy and media literacy skills.
  • Literacy

    Introducing Students to Books They’ll Love

    Bookmatching—recommending books to students based on their interests—takes a bit of work, but can foster a deep love of reading.
  • Personal Learning Network

    Leveraging Social Media to Build a Digital PLN

    Tips for building a professional learning community online, whether you seek personal relationships or just want to follow other teachers.
  • Teacher Collaboration

    Collaborating Across a District—or a Country

    Digital tools enable teachers to share resources and even to co-teach with peers anywhere.

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