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Kristien Zenkov

Professor of Education, George Mason University

Kristien Zenkov is a professor of education and coordinates the secondary education program at George Mason University. He is the author or editor of seven books and more than 150 articles and book chapters on teacher education, literacy pedagogy and curricula, social justice education, school-university partnerships, and professional development schools. He codirects Through Students’ Eyes, a youth participatory action research and photovoice project in which young people document with photographs and writing what they believe about citizenship, justice, school, and literacy.


  • Classroom Management

    Nurturing a Classroom Community During Distance Learning

    Strategies like using a variety of groupings and having students meet each other during online office hours can help build strong relationships.
  • Teacher Educators

    The Connective Power of Project-Based Clinical Experiences

    This approach develops learning opportunities for both students and teacher candidates through collaborations with university faculty and classroom teachers.

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