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Keyana Stevens

Web Video Strategy Coordinator

I'm on Edutopia's video team! Passionate about arts education, ed-tech, and video. Check out all of our resources for getting started with Project-Based Learning, Integrated Studies, and more:

Do you have a cool educational video or classroom resource you want to share? I'd love to see it! Message me here or find me on Twitter: @keyanastevens

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    5-Minute Film Festival: Inspiring Graduation Speeches

    Graduation season is full of both introspection and anxiety for teachers and students alike, but these graduation speeches are sure to inspire and delight everyone. 
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    5-Minute Film Festival: Student Voice and Choice

    When students feel that that their opinions and ideas are valued, they're more engaged with their education. Watch these 7 videos for ideas on how to give your students more agency in school. 
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    5-Minute Film Festival: Getting Started With Classroom Apps

    Need a bit of help bringing apps into your classroom? This video playlist and resource collection will help you get started using apps with your students.
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    3 Videos on the Importance of Empathy

    These three videos on the importance of empathy will help inspire a conversation in the classroom and beyond. 
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    At the Movies: Films Focused on Education Reform

    There's been quite a bit of buzz about documentary films that take a look at issues within the American education system. Whether you agree with the point of view of any of these films or not, they are sure to get you thinking.
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    5-Minute Film Festival: Best Education Parodies of 2015

    Learning through pop culture satires can be fun and engaging. We've searched through the spoofs of the biggest viral hits of the year to find this playlist of educator favorites.
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    Edutopia's Most Popular Videos of 2015

    Watch a selection of our most popular videos this year, exploring student-driven learning, the best methods for assessment, and social and emotional education.
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    5-Minute Film Festival: We the Economy

    We interact with the economy every day, but how well do we really understand it? This new video series aims to change that, with 20 short films explaining concepts like debt, money, and supply and demand.
  • 5-Minute Film Festival

    5-Minute Film Festival: Cold & Flu Season

    Cold and flu season is approaching -- what should you do when everyone starts to get sick? Sit tight, remember to wash your hands, and educate yourself with these 7 videos on viruses and healthy habits.
  • 5-Minute Film Festival

    5-Minute Film Festival: Comics in the Classroom

    Graphic novels and comics offer many teaching opportunities for educators who want to take advantage of their broad appeal and themes. Find out how to add some bam! to your classroom with this short video playlist.