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Kelli Sandman-Hurley

Dyslexia Expert and Advocate

Kelli is the cofounder of the Dyslexia Training Institute. She is the past president of the San Diego branch of the International Dyslexia Association, as well as a board member of the Southern California Library Literacy Network. Kelli is trained in Orton-Gillingham and is a certified special education advocate. She is the coproducer of Dyslexia for a Day and a popular blogger and speaker about all things dyslexia. Kelli has presented at numerous conferences as well as provided professional development for K–12 teachers. She received her doctorate in literacy with a specialization in reading and dyslexia from San Diego State University and the University of San Diego.

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  • Literacy

    Teaching Syllables Can Mask Meaningful Morphemes

    To help beginning readers grasp the difference between written and spoken language, start with the meaning of the words rather than their syllabic breakdown.
  • Literacy

    Making Sense of Words That Don't

    Introduce your students to the world of etymology and morphemes as they become linguistic detectives solving the mysteries of those puzzling "sight words."
  • Literacy

    Dyslexia in the General Education Classroom

    In order to accommodate students with dyslexia, general education teachers must understand what the condition is and what alternate means work best for accessing information.

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