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Katy Farber

Professional Development Coordinator, Former Sixth Grade Teacher, Author, and Blogger

Katy Farber, Ed.D, is an educator, teacher coach, and writer from Vermont. She is the author of three books about education: Why Great Teachers Quit and How We Might Stop the Exodus; and Change the World with Service Learning: How to Create, Lead, and Assess Service Learning Projects; and Change the World’s new edition, Real and Relevant: A Guide for Service and Project-Based Learning, released in June 2017. She also wrote a middle grade novel called The Order of the Trees (Green Writers Press, 2015). Her writing has been published on CNN’s School of Thought blog, Educational Leadership, Edutopia, Huffington Post, and the Synapse.

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  • Education Trends

    Lessons Learned During the Pandemic

    Teachers have worked fast to meet the demands of this moment, but as they get a chance to slow down and reflect, some lessons are clear—like the primacy of relationships.
  • School Leadership

    7 Ways to Make Teaching a More Sustainable Profession

    Tips for school leaders seeking to foster an environment that supports, engages, and motivates teachers.
  • Education Trends

    Collaboration in Personalized Learning

    Vermont educators are working on models of personalized learning that are built around relationships and connected to community needs.
  • Teacher Development

    7 Lessons for Teachers From Dumbledore

    The fictional headmaster of Hogwarts possesses wisdom that all teachers can draw on.
  • Student Engagement

    Creating Paths to Participation for Introverts

    These tools and strategies can help introverts show what they know and participate in class in ways that are comfortable for them.
  • Teacher Leadership

    Teachers Helping Teachers: 8 Ways to Prevent Burnout

    Tips for how teachers can create supportive networks to ensure that teaching is a sustainable career.

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